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In 2022 Aamhi collected 120 tonnes of waste and recycled 80 tonnes preventing it from entering the environment and polluting our lands and seas.

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In 2022, four women eco-warriors, appalled by/ concerned about the environmental degradation caused by plastic and other non-biodegradable waste in rural Maharashtra, founded AAMHI. The Aamhi project is a solid waste management initiative, which works with the locals to rid public areas of non-biodegradable waste in ten Raigad villages.

AAMHI employs local women to sift out this waste from garbage dumps, arterial roads, sea shores, playgrounds and mangroves. Plastic bags, PET and glass bottles, old clothes, footwear, fishing nets and marine waste are segregated based on established parameters. This initiative has resulted not only in a cleaner environment, but also in the villagers developing a sense of responsibility and pride in their surroundings.

Through the following activities, Aamhi is making this part of rural Maharashtra waste-free:

  • We collect solid waste to prevent it from being burnt, thrown into the sea, or sent to a landfill.

  • We create reuse, recycling and upcycling options for the waste collected, with specialized partners who work in these areas.

  • We employ local resources to help generate employment opportunities.

  • We operate on minimal overheads to make optimum use of donations.


Our process is sustainable, attracting a minimal carbon footprint.

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