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Our 15 safai-sathis collect solid waste, including coconut fronds, from public areas like roads, arterial roads, playgrounds dumping hotspots, organised dumps and beaches. On an average we collect around 2000 bags a month. Distances in villages are long and each safai-sathi collects an average of around 7 bags.



Our project site is over 160 km from the recycling hubs. To reduce the volume of waste recycled and lower the carbon footprint, we recycle pet bottles and glass locally. Through Godrej Industries' EPR program, we send LDP, raffia fishing-nets to to be converted into pellets. Footwear goes to a vendor to be shredded to make rubber sheets. Thermacole is compressed and then taken to a factory to be melted down to make the photo frames.


Education and Community Empowerment

Breaking old habits and ingrained processes is difficult. Aamhi conducts training programs to build awareness of the repercussions of solid waste pollution and discusses ways with the community to segregate wet and dry waste. We provide bags with thumbnails of the dry waste to be put into it and then distribute it to the community.



We segregate our waste according to 12 parameters set out by our recycling partners. On an average one safai-sathi segregates 30 bags of waste a day.



We recover almost 500 kgs of clothes from our project villages. These clothes are washed and dried, and then distributed to Adivasi villages in Raigad, and NGOs in Bombay. We have just started a small initiative to convert some of the clothes that are torn into functional market bags.

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